We all hit those moments in life where it feels like we are in a rut, stuck on repeat, living out a scene in the movie Groundhog Day. It is important to remind ourselves that this period we are going through is impermanent. In a year we will look back at our lives, and it will not be the same. That’s life. We invariably go through different seasons. Sometimes we race on full speed ahead, and sometimes we need to slow down to an almost complete stop to gain our bearings. These moments of deceleration help us to reframe our perception of reality. They are often times of pivotal change. Rather than feeling out of sorts, in a disparaging funk, look at these moments and find inspiration. What makes you tick? What excites you? Where does your passion lie? And what brings you joy? Recalibrate your reality. The way you conceptualize, interpret or understand the present moment is unique to you. You can dwell in the unknown or be inspired to move forward no matter what the future may hold. Uncertainty is not something we should fear but rather we should embrace it. Your perception of idleness is determined by your past experiences, values, beliefs and personality. It is within you to look at the funk you’re facing as a road block or a mere a turn on the highway paved before you. Be curious. A change in the way we look and think about this phase will help us get through it with more ease and openness to that which we are calling in as the next chapter to the story of our lives.