Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl

Leaving behind the lies that spiraled out of control – and unaware of the magic awaiting – Emily leapt into the dark chasm of uncertainty.

Knowing fully well there were absolutely no guarantees, Emily boarded the plane to Belgium.

About Emily

Emily Szajda is a professional chef, writer, yoga & meditation instructor, sports nutritionist and adventurous traveler. She believes in running away from comfort zones and embarking on a journey to discover one’s passion and purpose. Emily helps women across the globe achieve their goals, teaching them to chase their dreams and embrace their truth. Success and happiness are not defined by an executive title, dividends in your bank account or material things, but are attained by finding your calling and working hard at it.

Find the balance. Learn to live life through experiences, welcome opportunities, eat healthy and love fully. My hope for you as the reader of Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl is resonance–that you will feel empowered and confident to begin or continue your own daring journey, exploring the magnificent world around you and the strength you have within you.

Professional Chef
Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Fostering An Inspired Community | Let's Work Together

With her motivational high-spirited style, Emily has a unique ability to engage, energize and embolden an audience. Purposeful, inspirational and always accessible, Emily’s down-to-earth, honest-to-goodness character is a refreshing approach that allows her to authentically connect with audiences around the globe.

Emily seeks to stir audiences to action fostering positive and lasting change. She does this through book talks, inspirational speaking, workshops, retreats and small group classes. Change is scary. Emily knows this first hand. But she is here to tell you that confronting your fear head on and making calculated risks will only serve to propel you to the next phase or chapter in your life. Our past doesn’t serve to define us and our today may not be where we want to be tomorrow. Carving out our intentions and having a growth mindset, willing to take a leap of faith and make a personal investment in yourself, will open up new opportunities that may have once seemed out of reach. A new way-of-being awaits.