Writing is subjective. Every author has a process, an intention, a means, and an end in mind. For me, my wish is to share wisdom and inspire. I want to empower others through my writing and experiences to seek out more.

Big or small, exotic, adventurous, or the nominal in the every day, I want you to reach for more of whatever gives you joy and purpose.

Create milestones that, upon reflection, demonstrate your strength and determination to live life by your own rules.

Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl

In the stirring memoir, Big Time Journey of a Small Town Girl, the reader follows Emily Szajda out of a failed relationship in the United States across much of Europe to find meaning, personal empowerment, and even love. 

Culinary Travels | Memories Made at the Table

Food is life, a portrayal of our human experience, provoking conversation, and intimacy with those you share it with and the environment around us. Learn how to have a soulful, interactive relationship with food that not only fills your belly but your heart and mind. Take time. Pull up a seat at my table. Let’s eat!